The Lune Shipbuilding Company

The Lune Shipbuilding Company was formed in 1863 with £30,000 capital raised in £5 shares. Work started at the shipyard at Lancaster Marsh in December 1863, and the keel of the first vessel to be built was laid in May 1864. That ship, the Wennington, was launched March 1865. The next vessel to be launched was a steamer, the Duchess, and the yard continued to build a variety of steamers, sailing ships and barges until the last vessel, the Mallowdale, was launched in 1869. The shipyard was wound up in March 1870 and the yard was sold in the following year. The failure of the yard was partly due to mismanagement, but also to the disadvantageous location (consider the advantages enjoyed by the Barrow Shipbuilding Company, located in the same town as the largest ironworks in the world at the time).

Sailing vessels built by the Lune Shipbuilding Company were :

Wennington 1865 Ship 897 184 x 32.3 x 20.9 feet
Whittington 1866 Ship 950 185 x 32.3 x 21.0 feet
Underley 1866 Ship 1295 215 x 37 x 32 feet
Lady of the Lune 1867 Ship 600
Gressingham (later Annie Fletcher) 1868 Ship 500 156 x 26 x 17.6 feet
Mallowdale 1869 Barque 1290 210 x 37 x 22.7 feet