The Barrow lifeboat

The Thomas Fielden was the Barrow lifeboat from 1901 until 1927, and during that time she was launched fourteen times and saved 45 lives. She was the second Barrow lifeboat of that name, her predecessor having had only a brief stay of three years at Barrow after her initial service at Holyhead.

The Thomas Fielden was a 40 ft. by 11 ft. Watson class, non-self-righter. She had been built at the Thames Ironworks, and had cost £1,327. She was delivered to Barrow in July 1901 and was launched on her first service on 26th August, going to the assistance of the Millom yacht Dorcas.

The following year the lifeboat assisted the Duddon schooner T & EF, which had grounded S of Walney Island. In 1910 the lifeboat saved ten men from the Faroese trawler Dorothea, which was wrecked on Walney Island. In these years the lifeboat coxswain was Herbert Raby, and in 1917 he was succeeded by Eb Charnley.

In later years other vessels assisted included the Barrow fishing boat Daisy, the Whitby trawler Fairhaven and the Fleetwood trawler Davara. On 23rd June 1926 three people were rescued from a rowing boat that was drifting out to sea, and this was the last time that the Thomas Fielden was in action. She was replaced by a motor lifeboat, the NT.

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