Furness Capitains

The following lists have been taken from a book, "Furness Folk and Facts", published in 1930 by William White, himself a descendant of an Ulverston shipbuilder. Undoubtedley they are incomplete, especially the list for Barrow. I suspect also that some of the captains listed under Ulverston were actually resident in Barrow, or at least some of them such as Robert Charnley and Henry Bond moved to live there as that port superceded Ulverston in the 1860's.

List of Sea Captains who were resident in Ulverston

The list is said to be arranged chronologically but no dates were given - my estimate is that it is from about 1850 to 1890.

William Robinson Robert Stones John Anyon John Higham Bateson Tyson James Cannon Isaac Stones
George Porter Thomas Collinson Thomas Gaulter Oliver Haddock John Swainson William Kitchen Isaac Kirkby
Samuel Nicholson William Bouskill James Pernie sen. Randal McLester John Dobson John Parker Patrickson (of Bardsea)
John Pernie William Scott Edward Townson John Barker John Brewer James Pernie jun. James Scott
William Winder Robert Wilson Philip Priest William Braithwaite Matthew Wilson Isaac Ireland John Soulby
John Benson Peter Hodgson John Taylor Michael Bond Todd Greaves William Turner James Crewdson
Joseph Holmes Henry Bond (senior) George Ullock James Pearson William Harris William Holmes William Bond
Thomas Huddleston Henry Tyson James Gash Peter Tipping John Iddon William Sands William Bond
Mattex Henry Rawcliffe Thomas Iddon Pickthall William Sawrey Jonathan Cathey William Rawcliffe
Hugh Iddon John Pickthall William Storey Thomas Cathey John Rawcliffe Richard Charnley Hugh Edmondson
Richard Storey Joseph Burrow Isaac Myers Robert Charnley James Fairclough Edward Storey Richard Hosker
William Dixon Thomas Charnley Thomas Fairclough William Storey John Henry Holmes Benjamin Brockbank George Anyon
James Fairclough Michael Redhead John Holmes John Brockbank Edward Kendall Robert Edmondson John Stones
Henry Holmes James Brockbank James Geldard James Stones Isaac Holmes John Clark Charles Edwards

List of Sea Captains who were resident in Barrow

The list is said to be for some time between 1863 and 1870.

Thomas Anyon John Sumner James Geldart Thomas Wainman Robert Lewis Robert Ashburner James Taylor
Thomas Hool William Young James Sumner Hugh Evans William Tyson Isaac Kirkby Henry Bond (junior)
John Swainson William Harris Edward Wharton David Roberts Edward Dawson John Thomas Thomas Jones
George Ball Walter Scott William Gibson Ishmael Williamson Robert Parkinson Robert Charnley Thomas Taylor