Lumley Kennedy & Co., Whitehaven shipbuilders

Lumley Kennedy was a shipwright who had been a manager, for nearly twenty years, at the Brocklebank shipyard in Whitehaven. In 1835 he left Brocklebanks to join a new shipbuilding venture, as managing partner. His partners in Lumley Kennedy & Co. were R & H Jefferson, Dr.Robinson, Capt.Pew, R.N., Capt.I.Mounsey, Thomas Beck and John Peile. The new yard at Whitehaven launched its first vessel in 1835, and in total 65 vessels were built there in the years upto 1865. The venture was closed at about the same time as the Brocklebank shipyard ceased operations, the demise of both being due to difficulties obtaining satisfactory leases from the Earl of Lonsdale. The Lumley Kennedy yard was operated by Joseph Shepherd, himself a former employee of Kennedy, from 1865 until 1879. Lumley Kennedy himself died at Beckermet in 1882, aged 91.

The sailing vessels built by Lumley Kennedy & Co. at Whitehaven are listed below :

1835 Alciope 1850 Walton Muncaster
1836 Ann & Jane, Bleng 1851 Braganza, Eagle
1837 Calder, Frances, Reaper, Siam, Watson 1852 Affghan, John Peile, Pudsey Dawson
1838 British Queen, Capella, Nile 1853 Pizarro
1839 Earl of Lonsdale, Harbinger, Jane & Jessie, Ringdove 1854 Miranda
1840 Champion, Kyanite, Midge, Syren, Warlock, Wilson 1855 John O'Gaunt, Valdivia
1841 Arequipa, Bleng, Enchantress, 1856 Orontes
1842 Ennerdale 1857 Mallard
1843 Swallow 1858 Hannah Nicholson, Star
1844 Emblem, New Margaret, Sancta Bega, Thomas & John 1859 Excel, James Bruce, Phaeton
1845 Menzies 1860 Bellam, Excelsior, Magellan
1846 Lord Harding 1861 Anne Lowther, Banda
1847 Magician, Mary Spencer 1862 Princess Alexandria, Tanaro, Tarragona
1848 1863 Bertie, Ehen
1849 John Spencer, Sorata 1864 Erato